More and more states in the US are legalizing online sportsbooks. Though Florida is still a little up in the air in this area, it’s a good idea to get to know the types of payment options you can expect to use online.

One of these is Play+ and this option offers fast, secure payments online. Let’s take a quick look into Play+ betting sites in Florida so that you know exactly what to expect when you use this payment method.

What is Play+?

If you can’t make a direct credit or debit card payment from your bank to a betting site, then Play+ is a great alternative. This is because it is a cashless payment system that was actually launched not long after the PASPA was overturned in the US. As such, it’s quickly become a popular payment method for both players and betting sites.

Essentially, it works very similarly to the way debit or credit card payments work. You will have a card with a 16-digit number and a security code in place. The only difference is that you will need to fund this card from your bank account. However, it does mean that you are now not making a direct transfer from your bank to the sportsbook.

This type of prepaid card can be used online at any retail store that accepts Play+. And, you can use the card in physical form to retrieve winnings from your Play+ account through the ATM. The only major thing to consider here is that when you use Play+ at a betting site, you will become part of their Play+ program. This means that the card will be customized to that FL sportsbook and can only be used there. You will need to make individual Play+ accounts for any other sites that you join.

Pros with Play+ betting in Florida

To get you started, there are a number of top reasons why Play+ is a good payment option at FL betting sites. Here are some of the main advantages when it comes to Play+ betting sites in Florida:

  • No credit card is required. You can simply use the virtual number attached to your Play+ card, and the payments will go through.
  • High limits. You can make big deposits and withdrawals with this payment method, and there are limited fees in place.
  • Fast processing time. Withdrawals can be in your account within half an hour making this one of the fastest payment methods available.
  • Instant deposits. Once you input your details and finalize the deposit, it will be ready in your account right away.

How to make a deposit at an FL betting site using Play+

Getting started on Play+ betting sites in Florida is easy as the payment method is easy to set up. To help you out, here is our simple guide to getting yourself ready with your Play+ account.

  1. Find a sportsbook in Florida that accepts Play+. We list all of the top Play+ betting sites in Florida right here. This means that you’ll be able to use this payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. We don’t just check the payment options though, but also take a look at the sports offered, types of bets available, bonuses offered, and more. In short, these are the top sites across a range of different criteria.
  2. Visit the website of the sportsbook. Once you have chosen the site that suits you, go to their main page either via their dedicated mobile app or on the desktop version of the site. You’ll need to find the sign-up button to take the next step.
  3. Register for a free account. Once you’ve got the registration form up, make sure you fill out all the details accurately. You will be asked for your name, address, email, date of birth, and so on. The account itself is free and will be online instantly once you have checked the terms and conditions.
  4. Use Play+ at the cashier to make a deposit. With your account ready to go, you just need to make a deposit. So, head on over to the banking section of the site and set up Play+.
  5. To begin playing, fill out your Play+ information. This means inputting your 16-digit number (similar to that found on a regular debit or credit card). You can then type in the amount you want to deposit. After all the required details have been provided, make sure you confirm the deposit. Then, the money will be transferred instantly, and you will be able to start placing real money bets.

Play+ withdrawals from FL betting sites

So, you’re lucky enough to have scored a win at one of the Play+ online gambling websites in FL. This means you’re ready to get your hands on those winnings. How do you do this? Just follow the steps outlined here:

  1. In your Florida sportsbook, go to the cashier section. Log in to your account either via the sportsbook app or their desktop site. Then, make your way to the banking section of the site to get the withdrawal process moving.
  2. For withdrawals, select Play+. Choose Play+ as your withdrawal option. If you have already used this to make a deposit, the next few steps will be a little easier. Follow the instructions and input any Play+ information that is required.
  3. Take out the amount you desire. Type in the amount you would like to withdraw. You need to make sure this has met any terms and conditions set out by the sportsbook. If you haven’t met those conditions, your withdrawal won’t be processed. The time it takes to appear in your account depends on the pending period of the betting site, but once that’s up the transfer usually takes just 10 to 30 minutes.
  4. You can withdraw money from your Play+ card by taking it to the bank or ATM. Once the winnings are in your Play+ account, you can keep it there to top up or use your Play+ prepaid card to shop online or at any retail store where the Discover card is accepted. You can also withdraw cash using your bank’s ATM, or transfer the funds to your bank account.

How does Play+ compare to other providers in Florida?

Play+ is definitely growing in popularity in the online betting world, but how does it compare to some of the other options out there? Well, pretty well in fact, and we’re going to look at some of these key points here. First, it’s able to offer one of the faster turnaround times for payments. Not only can you expect instant deposits, but there are also fast withdrawals offered too. Usually, you can get your payouts in ten minutes rather than waiting for days through traditional card or debit payments for instance.

For the most part, the online betting sites in FL do not have fees attached when it comes to payments. But often the payment providers themselves do. Some will have pretty hefty fees in place or set transaction costs such as Skrill, which has a flat fee of $5 for any transfers from your Skrill account to your bank. But, fees can be even worse, with ACH transfers charging around $50 just for a single transaction. With this in mind, Play+ ranks at the lower end of this scale with very minimal fees across the board. If you want to claim a bonus, you also need to make sure that the payment method you’ve chosen is eligible. Many sportsbooks will exclude Neteller and Skrill payments when it comes to claiming a bonus. Luckily, Play+ payments are under no such restrictions. Most sportsbooks are happy to accept Play+ payments and offer the bonus with them.


Is it safe to use Play+ at FL betting sites?

Yes, it is safe to use Play+ betting sites in Florida. This is because there are a number of different security measures in place when you make a Play+ payment. However, you will need to be playing at a licensed and registered betting site within the state. You can find a list of our recommended Play+ betting sites in Florida right here.

What is a prepaid Play+ card in Florida?

A prepaid Play+ card is one that you have already topped up with cash before you use it at the FL betting site. You can simply use your Play+ account without it having money already but that will mean you have to transfer from your bank account to the card all in the same deposit step, which can take longer.

Can I use Play+ on betting sites outside of FL?

Yes, you can use Play+ at betting sites outside of Florida. However, if you are talking about offshore betting sites, we do not recommend that you join these sites. It is very important that you only play on sites that are licensed within the state otherwise you may run into trouble.