There’s a good reason why DraftKings is frequently referred to as one of the top platforms in the sports betting sector. The sportsbook provides a fantastic offering to its consumers rather than depending on brand awareness and its performance in the DF Sportsbook market.

DraftKings gamers are able to participate in daily fantasy sports, and wager on actual sporting events. Moreover, play real money casino games in many states. Dk Florida is dependable and trustworthy and the website is secure. In addition, for more security users are required to authenticate their location and identity before placing any wagers, and withdrawals are always processed promptly.

The short answer is no, DraftKings sportsbook is not legal in Florida. In order to facilitate the general authorization of internet gambling, the Florida state legislature has not yet been modified. There have been numerous efforts, but none have been successful.

However, DraftKings daily fantasy sports and DraftKings esports are shockingly allowed yet Sportsbook may be against the law in Florida. In this state, daily fantasy sports are still a contentious subject. The majority of states either allow daily fantasy sports or at the very least haven’t adopted a controversial position. Only some states have outlawed DFS. Florida, somehow, is placed in the middle.

Moreover, daily fantasy sports may be illegal, although the government has never officially taken a position against them. The truth is that the state doesn’t really care if you play DFS. In Florida, no one has ever been detained for participating in daily fantasy sports. The authorities would most likely target operators before gamers.

The government of Florida is currently debating numerous bills. In the hopes that the situation will change and all of DraftKings’ features will be authorized. In addition, they are prepared to be debated and voted on. There is no timetable for when they will pay these bills, but one might readily predict that it will be before the year is through.

About DraftKings Sportsbook in Florida

DraftKings Inc. was established in 2012 by Jason Robins, Matt Kalish, and Paul Liberman as a fantasy sports website based in Boston, Massachusetts. DraftKings is among the daily fantasy sports providers in the gaming industry.

The Florida sportsbook entered the online sports betting market in August 2018 after years of success in daily fantasy sports, starting in New Jersey. Now, 11 states, including Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

As though Draftkings wasn’t already well-known, they went public in April of 2020, entering a partnership with Michael Jordan. Who not only ended up taking equity shares in the business but also became a special advisor. As of now, Draftkings has partnerships with the NFL, ESPN, and other well-known brands in the United States.

Even though a new user may find the DraftKings website busy and daunting, its features are unmatched. The odds and promos at DraftKings Sportsbook are just enticing, there is just something for everyone. These features encompass Daily Odds Boosts, Live Betting, Risk-Free Bet Promotions, Parlay Insurance, Rewards, and more.

Here are some more essential details you need to know about DraftKings FL:

  • Presently, DraftKings offers both an online sportsbook and a real-world sportsbook at Resorts Casino.
  • A huge selection of sports is available for betting at DraftKings, along with a huge selection of different types of bets and offers.
  • To wager on the Draftkings app, you must be physically situated in one of the states where the casino is authorized for operations, although you may set up an account from anywhere.
  • You may simply sign in and use the bookie with your current account if you currently participate in fantasy sports on DraftKings.
  • In the US, DraftKings has a solid reputation thanks to its years of providing fantasy sports.
  • The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement fully licenses and regulates DraftKings.

How to sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook in FL

It should just take a few minutes to sign up for DraftKings, and only a few details are needed. Here are the steps to sign up.

  1. Go to the DraftKings Sportsbook website.
  2. Download the app from here or sign up on the browser.
  3. Click ‘Join Now’.
  4. Sign up with your personal details.
  5. Enter the latest DraftKings promo code to receive an FL deposit bonus.
  6. Deposit by your preferred method.
  7. Start betting.

Once you’ve completed the online form, read the website’s terms and conditions, agree to them, and verify your age and location. Additionally, you will need to text-verify your account.

DraftKings betting app in Florida

DraftKings has done it when it comes to mobile sports betting apps in FL. Although streamlined, the betting apps are similar to those on the company’s desktop version. The mobile service is quick and simple to use. Users may access the same DFS content and betting markets on mobile as they can online with DraftKings.

Both desktop users and users of mobile apps can access the sportsbook’s live betting option. Smaller screens naturally have different layouts, but they all function in the same way. The betting slip can be easily minimized and fast restored without disappearing entirely.

How to download the DraftKings app

The DraftKings application is accessible for iPhones and Android phones and tablets. The procedure is straightforward; simply follow the steps outlined below:

iOS app for DraftKings

Access DraftKings on your iOS device and create an account as usual. After that, click the App Store button on the homepage’s bottom to download the app. Install the app as usual, then launch it to access your account.

Android app for DraftKings

To access the DraftKings mobile site, use your Android device. If you haven’t already, create an account, then scroll down the page to find the Android app icon. Click on it to begin the download, and then install the app by selecting it from the notifications bar.

Sports offered by Draftkings

DraftKings offers a wide variety of bets in addition to a large selection of sports. There are all the major leagues and sports represented, but DraftKings also offers an outstanding selection of international sports.

You have a pretty extensive list of alternatives when you include the minor leagues and available college sports. The sports that are available vary frequently, and new markets emerge when new competitions begin, but below is a list of all the sports that DraftKings offers.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Golf
    · And many more.

Best beginner games at Draftkings FL

Beginner-only games are offered in the lobby for less experienced players. These enable you to sample DFS before entering the player pool of more experienced players. Only individuals who have not yet racked up 50 paid contest entries or an experience badge on DraftKings are eligible to play in beginner-only games.

Users of DraftKings can earn badges based on their performance and level of play, which is one of the game’s coolest features. Before participating in a contest, other users can view each player’s badge to gain an idea of their level of experience.

  • Beginner-only 50/50s: The winners of the 50/50s will receive cash prizes that are substantially twice their initial investment. You can potentially increase your budget for future games by participating in these tournaments and gaining experience with lineup construction.
  • Pick’em style games: Users must select one person from each level of athletes for the pick’em games. It can initially be difficult to assemble a lineup while staying within the pay cap. As a result, this is a terrific approach to understanding DraftKings scoring and which athletes perform the best in terms of fantasy performance.

Different bet types on DK Sportsbook in Florida

The selection of wagers accessible at DraftKings is also very good. At online sportsbooks, you may expect to find all the traditional possibilities along with a wide selection of alternative odds. Moreover, secondary markets including halftime, quarter, and lines.

You will at least come across the following:

Prop bets

Wagers on occurrences unrelated to the specific sporting event are known as proposition bets or prop bets. Prop bets sometimes center on minor events, such as whether or not a player will hit a home run during a game.

Spread bets

The most popular kind of wager placed on sports is a point spread wager. A simple prediction made by a sportsbook would be that one team will defeat another by a certain margin (or runs or goals or whatever).

Bettors bet on whether the team selected to win will surpass that sum or if the side selected to lose will do so by a smaller sum. The team is deemed to have covered the spread if the underdog loses by a smaller margin than the prediction or triumphs outright.

Moneyline bets

The bettor is only placing a wager on the competition’s eventual winner, as its DraftKings moniker suggests. The wager is unrelated to the winning margin. Instead, the sportsbook decides on various rewards based on which side it thinks would win.

The underdog team will typically have a positive number next to it, while the favorite will typically have a negative three-digit number next to it. Using an example will make it simpler to comprehend this type of wager. Let’s imagine the Clevel and Browns and Seattle Seahawks are Sunday’s opponents.

The provided moneylines for that game are Sea: +165 and CLE: +145. So, in order to win$100 on a wager on the Seahawks, you would need to stake $165. On the other hand, if you wagered $100 on the Browns, you would win $145.

Over/ under bets

Totals bets are another popular sports wagering category. Based on the type of the wager, these bets are frequently referred to as “over/under” wagers. The sportsbook will predict how many points each side will score in a specific match.

Moreover, the gamblers will place a bet based on whether they think that amount is too high or too low. They are considered to have bet the “under” if they wager that the number is too low. In contrast, bettors will choose the “over” if they feel the number is too low.

In Play/Top scorer bets

Betting that takes place during the actual event is known as in-play betting. Frequently, players can wager on how a certain quarter will turn out. In fact, the DraftKings application dissects in-game activities at a remarkably fine level.

Moreover, smaller events like the type of pitch a pitcher will throw next or the type of football play that will occur on the following play may be eligible for betting. All wagers on DraftKings are basically in-play bets as a result of the live ticket method mentioned above.

At any time during the competition, you can change your wager into a payout. DraftKings gives its players the opportunity to make any wager they want by offering so many possibilities. While some forms of betting are rather simple, others need more expertise.

DraftKings users can get through sports betting guide that covers every available sport. There are also brief films with Charles Barkley, a former NBA great, in which he explains the fundamentals of particular bet kinds.

Live, in-game betting on DraftKings is one of the more well-liked methods of wagering. There are many opportunities for in-game bets now that players are no longer required to place wagers prior to the start of games. For practically every game in every sport, DraftKings offers various live betting markets.

The “Pools” category is one wagering choice that distinguishes DraftKings from rivals in the market. For a set fee, players have the option of joining organized pools. NFL pick ’em contests can be played for a single week or the entire season. There is also a college football pick ’em pool.

Daily Fantasy Sports on DK Sportsbook in Florida

Fantasy sports are entirely permitted in Florida, both daily and season-long. Playing-related gains are taxable income. There are tribal casinos where you can play in Florida, but there aren’t any online casinos there yet. Online casino games may very well follow and be legalized if Florida were to legalize FL online gambling. Only physical casinos are permitted at the moment.

Retail venues for DK Sportsbook in FL

Currently, DraftKings is not accessible to Florida, although they frequently manage to get there. Florida would be a significant step toward DraftKings becoming the biggest online sportsbook in the US, as they have demonstrated their commitment to doing so. With their apparently endless promotional offers, a vast array of betting possibilities, and user-friendly PC sportsbook/mobile app, DraftKings would be a terrific addition to the Florida market.

DraftKings Florida Payment Methods

The extensive variety of deposit options at DraftKings should be able to meet your needs. All of the deposit options that DraftKings accepts are listed below.

  • Cash @ casino cage or barcode at participating retail locations.
  • Online banking (most major banking institutions).
  • PayPal.
  • Play+ pre-paid card.
  • Pre-purchased DraftKings gift card.
  • VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards (credit or debit).
  • VIP Preferred E-check.
  • VISA, MasterCard, and Discover electronic gift cards.
  • Wire transfers only.

Nonetheless, some of these remunerations have limitations. For instance, you are not allowed to deposit more than $500 in your DK account on a daily bases. Additionally, online transfers are kind of distinct since you can only deposit if the total for each transaction is greater than $100.

There shouldn’t be any significant limitations or restrictions when using online deposit options. Any of these payment channels are free to use for depositing money. If you do incur a fee, you should check to see if your financial institution levies fees for deposits or withdrawals related to sports betting since some do.

How to deposit at DraftKings sportsbook in Florida

DraftKings allows you to make a deposit at any moment, including straight after you create an account. You should review the terms of service of the promo before determining when to deposit or if you would like to wait before making your initial deposits.

This is because the platform’s welcome bonus may contain restrictions on how soon you must make your first deposit. You may also check if all payment options are accepted for the welcome bonus in the contract terms of the promotion.

To deposit money successfully on the site, adhere to the following instructions.

  1. Register with your account.
  2. You should then select the “Deposit” button.
  3. The next step is to select a payment option from the list.
  4. Then, you should type the information for your payment method into the screen.
  5. Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Complete the transaction.

How to withdraw at Draftkings

Sending a withdrawal request shouldn’t take a lot of time; however, you will need to wait for it to be accepted before the funds will be dispatched and received using the method you selected. In any state, there are no costs associated with using any of the different options to withdraw money from DraftKings.

We recommend for you verify your account if you haven’t already before requesting a withdrawal. If you haven’t. Consequently, that can be the major cause of your lengthy wait. If you need assistance with a DK Sportsbook withdrawal or have questions about how to verify and activate your account.

Get in touch with a support agent through their live chat feature or one of the other available channels. Also note that with each method you are using for deposits or withdrawals, even if your account has already been validated. You will need to produce documentation to prove your ownership if you want to withdraw using a method other than the one you used to deposit.

The following is a list of the withdrawal options:

  • Cash at your nearest Draftkings casino.
  • Checks
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • Wire transfer

Withdrawal limits

The maximum withdrawal for each method varies. But regardless of the method, all requests are handled within five business days. Although there are some exceptions, most withdrawal methods do not have a minimum threshold.

For instance, the initial wire transaction requires a minimum of $2000 and subsequent withdrawals require a minimum of $1000. Additionally, there is a $15 minimum withdrawal fee for checks and a $1 minimum for PayPal.

However, the upper restrictions apply to all techniques. For instance, the maximum withdrawal amount for online banking and VIP is $100,000. The maximum withdrawal amount for Play+ pre-paid cards is $25,000, for checks is $50,000, and for PayPal, withdrawals are $60,000. The only withdrawal methods without a limited amount are wire transfers.

Play limits

The following are the play limits at Draftkings.

  • Player limits: This enables you to set daily, weekly, or monthly spending and deposit caps.
  • Self-exclusion: this feature enables you to figuratively forbid yourself from using the app for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Cool off: You can use the cool off feature to prohibit yourself from making any deposits or placing any bets for a predetermined amount of time while still having access to the app.

Why should I choose DraftKings sports betting?

The following are some high points of what DraftKings offer sports punters:

User Interface

Because of its outstanding user interface, DraftKings Sportsbook is a market leader in online sports betting. The DraftKings Sportsbook app has a pleasing appearance because of its use of the company’s recognizable black, white, grey, and green color scheme, which produces a striking visual contrast.

The relevant team and league logos stand out against the sleek. Additionally, a dark background made of gray and black. Also, the featured DraftKings pools might have a good color burst because of the background. From the main home page, it is simple and lag-free to access daily fantasy, similar pools, and the analytics hub.

Vast odd boosts

DraftKings provides a variety of odds increases and DraftKings promo Florida. This implies that as soon as you log in, you can test out many offers and Draftkings promos available on Florida. When browsing, simply find the boost icon. You can then choose to participate in the promotion to see the various boosts that are promoted in the box at the top of the homepage.

Dependable application

You won’t have to worry about rushing to your computer to make a last-minute wager because DraftKings is accessible on both its website and app. Depending on the device you’re using; you won’t have to get used to a completely different sportsbook layout because there is some continuity between the two.

Various betting options

We appreciate the range of wagers that DraftKings provides. A variety of betting choices are available, and you can wager on professional championships or collegiate teams.

Draftkings Pros and Cons


  • Reputable, authorized sportsbook.
  • A simple betting interface.
  • Transactions in banking are safe and secure.
  • Competent customer service.
  • There are many markets for the major leagues.


  • Less favorable chances.
  • Draftkings restrictions on promos for repeat customers.
  • Low maximum betting limits to increase odds.

Draftking competitors

Some main Draftkings include Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, Bet365, and other bookmakers. However, FanDuel is by far DraftKings’ greatest rival. According to statistics, FanDuel’s income increased to $896 million in 2020, while DraftKings made $614 million. FanDuel employs 1 to 5 thousand people compared to 869 at DraftKings.

How to contact DraftKings Florida

To clear up any confusion you may have, DraftKings has developed a very comprehensive and useful set of resources. To access help materials on topics ranging from betting and sports vocabulary to results from settlement and sport-specific betting limitations, click “Help”.

Important subjects like banking and geolocation software are covered in the FAQ section. If you want to contact DraftKings directly, their staffed customer service is available around the clock. In addition, you can directly email at The quickest way to contact us is through live chat, however for less urgent situations, you may also fill out a web form.


What is the legal age to bet on DK Sportsbook in FL?

To open a DK sportsbook account in FL, users should be at least 21years old. If a user in Florida is at least 18 years old, they are eligible access utilize the platform. You need to be physically situated in a state that permits online sports betting and where DraftKings has licensed. You only need to be physically present inside these states' borders; you don't even need to be a citizen of one of these states.

Is DraftKings a legit Florida sportsbook?

Well, in Florida, Draftkings is not permitted. In order to facilitate the general authorization of internet gambling, the Florida state legislature has to be modified. So no, it has only been made legal in a tiny area of the country. There have been numerous efforts, but none have been successful.

Who regulates DK Sportsbook in Florida?

The New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement regulates DK as an online gaming operator in compliance with N.J.S.A. 5:12-1, the Casino Control Act, and any implementing rules. Moreover, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement tests the games to ensure that they are accurate and fair.