Looking to get started with online betting? A great way to do this is with betting promo codes in Florida. These open the door into the exciting world of betting while giving you an advantage over other players. For years, online sports betting sites have used promo codes to attract new customers. They’ve also used them to encourage existing players to take up offers during a sporting event.

Whatever the reason is for sportsbooks to give out promo codes for online gambling in Florida, you, as a customer, should know where to find them. In this article, we’ll cover what exactly it is, and where you can find one. Additionally, you’ll get information on the various types of bonuses you can unlock with a bonus code and how best to take full advantage of them by looking at the pros and cons.

How to get a betting promo code in FL

There are a number of ways to get a promo code at a Florida online sportsbook. You just have to be aware of where to find them. Each sportsbook will have its own way of distributing sportsbook promo codes to new or existing customers. But, at the end of the day, they want people to find the promo codes and try out the website with the bonus.

When you’re looking for ways to get Florida betting promos, take the time to make sure that they are legit and valid. Some betting promo codes, especially from unverified sources, may be expired or not redeemable on the sports betting site you want. That’s why it’s usually best to look for promos directly from the sportsbook itself.

Below, you’ll see the best places where you may get a valid and legit promo code from an FL sports betting site.

  • Check on the betting site’s homepage – Why not go straight to the source and check for promo codes there? The sportsbook’s website will most likely have promotions running, and you’ll probably find something there. Since the sports betting site is keen to get people to use the betting promo codes and get bonuses, they’ll likely have them right on the homepage. You’ll probably see one as a pop-up as soon as the page loads, or it’ll be featured as one of the top banners in the front and center of the pages. If there’s nothing on the homepage, check out the promotions page too. Sometimes, the sportsbook will have sportsbook promo codes there as part of a different marketing campaign for current customers. A great benefit of getting sportsbook promo codes in Florida directly from the site is that you have quick access to the terms and conditions. You’ll immediately see what the promo code’s bonus is, how long it’s valid and who qualifies for it.
  • Receive a promo code from customer services – The customer support team sometimes has some betting promo codes FL available for customers. They don’t just give them out, though. There are special circumstances under which you might get one. These are your birthday, an anniversary, an apology, or winning a competition The customer support team will send you the promo code via email or in your account’s inbox. You’ll get an indication of why you’re receiving it, and how long it’s valid. Take the time to read the terms and conditions so that you know where and how you can use the code’s bonus. This will ensure that you take full advantage of it and avoid disappointment. A great thing about the betting promo codes you get from customer services is that you don’t have to be a new sign up. Most promo codes are targeted at new customers because they are a great way of getting them to join the Florida sports betting site. So, even though you already have an account, you’ll still be able to get a promo code when the opportunity arises.
  • Find promo codes in ads – When you’re on the internet, you might see an advert for bonuses at an online sports betting site. Usually, in the form of a banner ad, you’ll see the code, and a button you should click to claim it. These adverts are normally for new sign ups with the promo codes being used as a way of attracting people. So, while you might not be actively looking for promo code bonuses, you might come across them while browsing the internet.

Common bonuses you can get with a promo code in FL

Now that you know how to get promo codes, what can you do with them? The main point of a promo code is to give you access to a betting bonus. These offers are designed to give you an advantage when you place a bet on the site.

Below, we’ll take a close look at what these bonus offers are and how they work.

  • Matched deposit bonus – On the other hand, you can get a matched deposit bonus. This one requires you to add real money into your account, but the good news is that the sportsbook will also credit your account with the same amount of money you’ve deposited. It’s almost like getting “free money” from the sportsbook. The matched deposit bonus money can be used to place bets on the site. However, you need to be careful with this bonus when it comes to terms and conditions. The sportsbook might put a cap on how much they are going to “match”. So, they may say “match deposit bonus of up to $20”. This means that they’ll only give you a maximum of $20 when you make a deposit. So, if you deposit $50, the sportsbook will only give you $20.
  • Risk free bet bonus – How does keeping your money, even if you lose a bet sound? A risk free bet does exactly that. When you get a promo code for a risk-free bet, it means that you can place a bet, and still keep your stake if things don’t go your way. You basically have a second chance to place another bet and hope for the best. A risk free bet in Florida can be offered as a welcome bonus to new customers. It helps to give cushioning to new customers as they try out the site for the first time. However, existing customers might also get a risk free bonus promo code from the customer support team. It can be used to try out a new sport you’ve been considering or to experiment with new betting strategies.
  • Cashback bonus – Florida betting promos that give you access to a cashback bonus are very popular. With it, you’re basically given back a percentage of the money you’d have lost at the site. The cashback can be given at the end of the week, the month, or even a weekend. It all depends on the sportsbook’s terms and conditions around the cashback bonus. That’s why it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions so that you stay within the parameters of the cashback bonus’ rules. You might find yourself placing bets on a sport that doesn’t qualify for the bonus, for example. This means you won’t qualify for getting any money back.
  • Boosted odds bonus – Another way to get customers excited is with boosted odds. At an online sportsbook, you’ll see different odds for various games. When you claim promo codes for online betting in Florida that’ll give you boosted odds, it means that you’ll win get more money if you bet and win compared to other bettors. Take note of the games where you can get the boosted odds. Chances are that you won’t be able to get boosted odds on any game you want. The sportsbook will indicate which sports or games qualify for the bonus.
  • No deposit bonus – If you’ve just joined a sports betting site, you might get a promo code that gives you access to a no deposit bonus. This is one of the most sought-after offers because it gives you the chance to place a bet on the sports betting site without having made any real money deposits. As the name suggests, a Florida no deposit bonus means you’ll get the offer even before you’ve added funds into your account. It’s basically an opportunity to try out a new site without risking any of your own money. Players are able to establish trust with the site because of this experience. If placing your first bet without having to use your own money goes smoothly, you’re likely to come back and make that first real money deposit.

Pros and cons of sportsbook promo codes in Florida

When you’re fortunate enough to get sportsbook promo codes in Florida, you need to be aware of both the pros and cons of having them in hand. This will help you take full advantage of them. It’ll also help you have a good view of what a favorable promo code bonus looks like, versus one that’s not worth taking up. Let’s take a look below.


  • Receive a bonus: Of course, a promo code will give you access to a bonus. As mentioned earlier in this article, the types of bonuses you’ll get are varied. But some of the most popular are free bets, boosted odds, risk-free bets and many more.
  • Free: A betting promo code does not cost you anything. If you find yourself being required to pay for one, chances are it’s not legit. Sportsbooks in FL freely have promo codes available for anyone who qualifies for them. All you have to do is follow their requirements and claim one.
  • Easy to get: You don’t have to look far to find promo codes for online betting in Florida. Most sportsbooks make sure that you can easily find them on the homepage, via emails or on other online platforms as an advert. So, when you see a promo code, a simple click of a button is all you need to do to get access to it. If you see an advert, just click on it, or note the promo code that you can enter later on. Otherwise, just click on the email link or homepage link to claim the bonus code.


  • Expire: One of the biggest drawbacks of promo codes is that they are only valid for a limited time. You’ll need to use it as soon as you can, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the chance to get a bonus. Also, the bonus itself might also need to be used within a limited time. So, the sportsbook might require you to use your bonus offer within 7 days of claiming it via the promo code.
  • You can only use it once: Each sportsbook has a unique promo code that can only be used on their site. In addition, once the promo code has been claimed, you can’t try and use it again. You need to take the time to make sure that you haven’t already.


Do I always need a promo code to get a bonus in Florida?

No, you don’t always need a promo code to get a bonus in Florida. Sometimes, the sportsbook will automatically credit you with a bonus if you successfully complete the requirements. Simply clicking and following a URL with the right tags will ensure that you still get your bonus offer. Also, the customer support team is able to credit the bonus straight into your account for you to claim.

How often do betting promo codes change in FL?

Betting promo codes in Florida change as often as the sportsbooks want to change them. Promo codes are determined by each sportsbook, and no two are exactly the same. Some sports betting sites might decide to have an “evergreen” promo code that lasts throughout the year, while others may change them every month.

Can I use a promo code more than once on a FL betting site?

You’ll not be able to use a promo code more than once on a Florida betting site or anywhere else. These codes are designed to be only used once and on that specific sportsbook. So, the chances of being lucky enough to claim bonuses with the same promo codes are next to zero.